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Integra Partners Custom Order Tracking


Integra Partners had built an initial proof of concept application through another vendor that moved a traditionally paper and fax based order process into an automated cloud based system. Cloud Software’s job was to utilize the experiences learned from the proof of concept and to work with key Integra Partner individuals to design, manage and develop the new version of the application.


Integra Partners required that the new application have a completely revamped user interface and user experience. The existing POC application was not extensible UI or data model wise and needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. Cloud Software worked in conjunction with a design team to implement a portal application for Integra Partners that was hosted on sites. We integrated the custom UI design work into our Visualforce and Apex frame work and developed an application with a completely custom look and feel for Integra Partners.


The application went live successfully on the prescribed date and was a big hit with Integra Partners’ customers. We continue to be a preferred vendor with Integra Partners and are actively working on new phases for this application while providing development support for their day to day maintenance needs. 


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