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If companies realize the unlimited potential in Cloud Computing programming models, they can leverage that potential for integrating, orchestrating, and streamlining business processes. And that's where Cloud Software comes in. We actively engage with companies to discover how they can best use Cloud Computing, and then we guide the implementation of those processes through Cloud Software development. 

Cloud Software enables our customers to influence their investment in computing infrastructure. We have experience in building and implementing both PaaS/SaaS and distributed SOA Cloud business solutions using REST and SOAP technology. We can develop and maintain ETL and ESB based integrations. Our specialty is in the area of system customization that we deploy by using Apex, Visualforce, Salesforce.com APIs, and Web Service. We are also rapidly gaining a reputation as a preferred development team for integrating Salesforce.com with external .NET and Java based systems.

We also use our expertise to build, develop, and adapt applications on the Salesforce.com platform. In doing so, we prepare these applications to pass the Salesforce.com Security Review and we package them for distribution on the Salesforce.com AppExchange.

Meet Our Partners

DAVID WATSON | Email | LinkedIn Profile


I’ve always had a passion for software. Even while working as a pilot for US Airways I would use my spare time to learn about the latest technologies. In the beginning of 2010, I received my degree in computer information systems from Western Governors University and founded Cloud Software, LLC. I quickly came across the Salesforce.com platform while doing contract work and I immediately recognized its potential.

In the span of nine months after my first project I was working as a technical lead at American Express’ Corporate Card division, and I have worked on the enterprise level ever since. I always enjoy a challenge and I can't stand being idle, so in the first half of 2012 I started looking for partners to help grow the business I had founded. Since then we have expanded in size and are really making a name for ourselves in the industry. I am truly excited about the team that we are building here at Cloud Software LLC, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.


ANDREW WATSON | Email | LinkedIn Profile

andrew-watsonHaving a long history in IT and development, when David brought the prospect of being a partner in Cloud Software, I was eager to get involved. Despite my lack of direct Salesforce experience, I was able to get certified and become a valuable member of the team almost immediately.

I have quickly become a trusted resource in many ongoing projects. By taking the time in the project's initial stages to thoroughly understand and hone in on the business process, and by finding the right architecture for the problem early on, I am able to save my clients time and money in the long run. My dedication to thoroughness has helped me make inroads as both a remote and onsite consultant.



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